EGO was formed in August 1993 in Sopot, Poland. Apart from the sea breezes, iodine and their parents their music has been influenced by such artists as Witkacy, Deadlock, Tri-city's Alternative Scene, Czes³aw Niemen, Jerzy Kulej, jass scene, Ewa Demarczyk as well as Chi-Qong master Andrzej Stawiarz. The band's musicians animate also other musical projects such as "Mordy", "W¶ciek³e Dziady", "Toga i Kruczek". EGO likes to travel, exercise group sports (karate) and so on.

don't get me down donít get me down
better buy me something sweet
today wet wind is blowing
hungry dog has got to eat

sopot restores itself
the season has just finished
sure I ainít gonna meet you today
while peterí s screaming

golden polish autumn
golden polish autumn
golden polish autumn

wojtek's eyes are crazy
he got this wild pill
the world turned electric
nowhere heís got to go now

golden polish ...

boiling over sea will soothe me today
boiling over sea I wanna talk to you
tell me all that I do not know
boiling see ... you know that all!!!

golden polish...

[golden polish, 1997]

Ego zespó?
Ego winieta
back to polish

Influences from abroad: Captain Beefheart, Wladimir Wysocki, the Stooges, The Minutemen, John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, George Michael, Jacques Brell, Stevie Wonder, Janeís Addiction, Joni Mitchell, The Velvet Underground, Bulgarian Choirs, Tom Waits, Funkadelic. They have played in Poland and abroad together with Apteka, Szelest Spadaj?cych Papierków, Homo Twist, Mi?o?å, Dezerter, ?wietliki, Pudelsi, Ewa Braun, Bluetip (USA), Kerosene 454 (USA), Skafferlatine (France), Show Business Giants (USA).

Their debut record ¦WIATOWID was published by Antena Krzyku Unc. on 01 September, 1997. It has been promoted by two video clips to songs "Golden Polish" and "Cafe Fuerte". EGO's second album is going to be published in Autumn (1998).

Grzegorz Nawrocki- voc., git., author;
Grzegorz Welizarowicz- bass;
Bartek Adamczak- drums.


Grzegorz Nawrocki (058) 550 00 48
fax. (+ 48 58) 552 21 74
listy do EGO

The most important cultural events they took part in:
-Polish Independent Culture Days in Berlin (1994);
-Sopot Rock Festival (1994);
-Theatre of Expressionís 5th anniversary (1994);
-11th anniversary of Society of Culture Creators "PRAFDATA" in Warsaw (1995);
-Mokotów Musical Autumn Festival in Warsaw (1996);
-Second Antena Krzyku Festival in Wroc³aw (1997).
The band featured in national TV channels: TVP1, TVP2, POLSAT, ATOMIC TV, TV POLONIA
as well as in local and regional televisions.
May we all be happy.

May we all have enough food, a place to rest and something to read